Who’s REALLY In Charge of Your Online Business?

It’s probably NOT YOU!

To discover who is in charge of your online business, here’s the worlds shortest quiz.

It only has one question, and you might not like the answer.
The question is:

“Do YOU have the password to the Control Panel at your domain registrar?”

If you answered no, then someone else has the master key to your entire online business – including your website, your email services, and everything else that is associated with the domain name that you use.

And if you don’t even KNOW that you have a domain registrar, then you really need to read the rest of this article.

The 4 Essentials of a functional website.

Here’s the simplest, most basic explanation I can think of about the 4 essential parts of your online business.

1. Your Domain Name. This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of your online business. You “rent” it from a domain registrar, or one of their agents.
From your Domain Name Control Panel, you can connect the domain name to virtually any website in the world.

2. Your Web Host. Provides the disk space where your website is stored. There is also a username and password for this.

3. Your Website Content. This can be created by you, or someone else. There may also be a username and password to edit this.

4. Your Email Services. These are normally  provided by your web host.

While the logins to your web host and website content are important, most people don’t realise that the domain name password is like the “One Ring that Rules them all”. With that password, you can immediately destroy that domain name – and make it very difficult (or impossible) for the owner to restore his business.

If you don’t have the domain name password for your domain name – get it from your web developer, or whoever set up your website.

There’s no reason I can think of  that a developer with your best interests in mind would refuse to provide it.

(While you’re at it, get the passwords to your hosting account as well. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have it)

This is only one part of the information that business owners need to know about their websites. You’ll find lots more in my Website Owners Guide.


Eric Graudins.

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