Opening a Web Hosting Account

After you have registered your domain name you have to connect it to a web host, who provides the server space for you to store your website files.

You can choose from thousands of companies who will host your website. I can’t hope to cover them all, so this video shows how to set up a hosting account with Hostgator, a company I use and recommend.

After you have set up your hosting account, the web hosting company will provide you with 2 special internet addresses called NAMESERVERS.

These nameservers will look something like
or similar.

Your should be given 2 nameserver addresses.
When you receive these, log into your domain registrar and go to the section that is called:
– Update Nameservers, or
– Delegate domain name, or
– Update DNS records, or
– Connect domain name to Web Host.

There is no standard wording.
If you have problems, ask you domain registrar for assistance.

After you have put in the nameservers, it could take up to 24 hours for everything to start working properly.

When this happens, you can start copying the files from your computer to your web host.

I’ve made another video that shows you how to do this.

Eric G.