Copying Files To your Web Host

Many people have trouble with the concept of uploading their website files to their web host.

Maybe because they’re scared of the term “File Transfer Protocol”, or FTP which is the system used to copy the files.

If you’re worried about this – relax. The process is very straightforward, and I’ll explain it in this video.

First I’ll discuss what FTP is and how it works, and then I’ll demonstrate how to copy a file using a program called Filezilla.
(Filezilla is free, and available from FileZilla – The free FTP solution )

To copy files to your hosting account, you’ll need to enter these 3 things into your FTP program:

  • Your domain name
  • Your Hosting Account login username
  • Your Hosting Account user password.

Some FTP programs will also ask you for the web directory, or folder.
This is usually www or public_html

Make sure that your files go into this folder, or will not be visible on the internet. (This is probably the most common mistake that new webmasters make.)

FTP and Website Creation Programs

Many website creation programs like Dreamweaver (Expensive), Frontpage (Ugh!) and Kompozer (free), have inbuilt FTP programs, and you can upload your files directly as you are working on them.

These can be very s-l-o-w when compared to a standalone FTP program like Filezilla, because they keep track of all the files you upload, create lots of log files, and generally do other wierd stuff.

A site that took 2 hours 14 minutes to load using Frontpage took 14 minutes to upload with Filezilla. So if you’re in a hurry, knowing how to use filezilla is very usefull.

Eric G.