Being at the Top of Google means NOTHING – Unless . . .

There are thousands of sales letters, forum posts, and gushing articles written about someone achieving the miraculous feat of being listed on Google’s Number One position for some keyword phrase.

Big Deal. Getting number one position on Google is DEAD EASY. But it’s going to be useless to you UNLESS the term attracts the type of visitors you want.

Here’s an example.

Do a search for the term rex the performing ferret

At the time of writing, my article about this NUMBER 2 on  Google.

So that must make me a search engine champion, who is about to make a squillion dollars !!!

Sadly, No.
Because being on the top of Google doesn’t mean anything in this case. Because nobody but me – and those who read my articles – will ever search for that term.

I’ve written a short report about keywords and how they work. It’s easy to understand, and will give you a good basic grounding in the topic.

You can download it at

( There’s no email address, pint of blood, or anything required.. Just download it and read it. And you’ll never be conned by those dodgy SEO messages ever again.)


Eric Graudins.

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