The MASTER KEY to your internet business

This article will introduce you to the simple building blocks that form the foundation of every internet business.

You will also discover the master key that is at the heart of every website. Without this master key, you do not have control of your internet business.

The most important parts of your website are:

* Your domain name – your unique address on the internet
* Your domain registrar – the place where you purchase your domain name
* Your web host – who rents you space on a server to store your website files
* Your website structure and platform – i.e. HTML, WordPress, other Database system, etc.
* The content of your website.

The person who builds your website needs only to be involved with the last two items, but often they organise the other items too

There are many issues related to the selection and registration of domain names. And hundreds of domain registrars and thousands of web hosts from which to choose.

Your web developer can be a great help with these decisions if they are knowledgeable, honest, and have your best interests at heart. Unfortunately many do not have all these attributes and can make poor decisions which you have to live with. Or change.

If you get someone to create your website, make sure that they are helping you achieve the goals of your business – and not just creating a monument to their programming and design skills.

You Probably Don’t Need an Expensive, Custom Website

Most small businesses do not require expensive, custom designed websites. Their needs can usually be met with sites based on WordPress, Joomla, or similar platforms. These have a wide range of templates and addons available, and can be economically modified to meet the requirements of almost any business.

The Master Key to your Online Business

It may be a surprise to you, but the master key to your online business is the login to the control panel of your domain registrar. Anyone who has this information can take over your domain name, connect it to ANY website, intercept your emails, and generally cause you a lot of grief.

If someone has registered a domain name for you and has not given you these login details, it is in your best interest to obtain them immediately.

Who REALLY Owns Your Website?

By the way – do you know who REALLY owns your website? Some web developers are in the habit of putting their own names as the Registrant for your domain name. This effectively makes them the owner of the domain, and in the event of any problems, you could lose your website.

You can check the ownership of your domain name at I strongly suggest that you do this, and make sure that YOU are shown as the registrant. It is fine for your developer to be shown as the technical or admin contact. But YOU must shown be the registrant.

Also check that the contact email address for the registrant is your current email address. It is vital that this be kept up to date, because the domain registrar will send renewal notices and other messages to this address. If you fail to renew your domain name, it could be sold to someone else.

I urge you to follow the advice given above. It could save your internet business.

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