Why do we Abandon Common Sense just because it’s “The Internet”?

In the “Real World” we are easily able to analyse situations and generally make good decisions.

For example:

The transport driver next door buys a new truck, which allows him to increase his profits by 50%. Do we go out and buy a new truck so that we can increase OUR income? Of course not.

The dressmaker down the road buys a new sewing machine, which works faster, and increases her productivity by 35%.
Do we go out and buy a new sewing machine too? No.

We don’t buy these things because we don’t follow that line of business, and buying the items would not increase our income. And all the fancy sales letters in the world would not induce us to buy.

So why do people who market on the internet automatically assume that every traffic generating or money making idea and technique will work for them?

Before punching in the magic numbers to buy the next fantastic technique that will make you $23,213 per day while sitting in your hammock sipping mint juleps, just think a little bit about

  • What are you actually buying?
  • Will you immediately be able to use it?
  • Are you familiar with the techniques and will put them to ?
  • Can you believe the person making the spiel?

Like many people, I have a hard drive of stuff that I have bought on impulse, and have never used.

I now make a practice of NEVER buying anything until I’ve taken at least 24 hours to “sleep on it”. During this time, I consider whether it’s directly compatible with what I’m doing, and if so, is something that I can put to use IMMEDIATELY.

And the more hype and inducements to “BUY NOW”, the less likely I am to purchase it.

These simple rules have saved me lots of money 🙂

Eric G.

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