If you’re setting up a website, your head is probably spinning with all the conflicting stories you’ve been told by people who are trying to sell you something.  I’ll tell you the basics you need to know. Free.


Incredible advances have happened on the Internet over the past couple of years.

If your site is a few years old, there’s lots of cost effective improvements that you can make.

These days in business, there’s few things worse than having your website disappear.
I’ll find out why it is not working, and tell you what to do to fix it.

Your Online Business Guide

How Do You Make Good Decisions For Your Internet Business?

Most business owners are what I call Technically Terrified.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are pretty smart, and an expert in your own field of expertise.
  • You know almost nothing about the process of setting up an online business.  And don’t really WANT to know.
  • You get somebody to do everything for you.  And hope that you’ll be OK.

There is nothing magical about setting up a website.  These days,  it can be as simple as making a few decisions,  connecting some items so that they work together, and adding  content and images to your website.

No pointy hats, or wizard cloaks needed. And if you do not know how to do something, there is always someone who can do it for you.

YOU have to be in control.

The important thing is to have an understanding of what is happening, and to stay in charge of the proceedings.

That’s how I can help you. By sitting on your shoulder, making sure that YOU are in control, and helping you make good decisions

If you’re like most small business owners trying to use the internet, you’ll  have a lot of questions about all sorts of things.

And  the more you search, the more you’ll get confused because there are so many answers to what seems like the same question.

If you’re looking for someone to help you with setting up or building an online business, you’ve come to the right place.
I’ve been providing business owners with reliable services and advice for over 10 years.

I can work with you to:
- Build a new website, or repair a broken one.
- Increase your profits with online sales systems
- Improve contact with your customers
- Save money on advertising
- Get your site visible on search engines
- Help manage your online business

There’s lots of great information on this site on all these topics  in the blog posts. Just scroll down the page, or click on the menu items at the top of the page.

If you’re confused and technically terrified by all this,  take a look at the free tutorial videos in the “Website Basics” heading (below).
Also, check out my book “Starting An Internet Business”.

Or if you’re like most business owners and don’t have time to watch or read anything – then contact me.
Just tell me a bit about your situation, and how you would like me to help you.

I’m sure we can work something out.

Eric Graudins

Website Basics:

If you’re setting up a website yourself, here’s some tutorials to get you started.

#1: How to choose a Domain Name

#2: How To Register a Domain Name

#3: How To Connect Your domain Name to your Web Host

#4: Opening a Web Hosting Account

#5: Copying Files To your Web Host

How To Make Telemarketers Hang Up. Politely.

Here’s a polite way to get rid of those telemarketers who disturb your day with their sales pitches.

Just say to them -

Why do we Abandon Common Sense just because it’s “The Internet”?

In the “Real World” we are easily able to analyse situations and generally make good decisions.

For example:

The transport driver next door buys a new truck, which allows him to increase his profits by 50%. Do we go out and buy a new truck so that we can increase OUR income? Of course not.

CHOP OFF your useless WWW Appendix

Does YOUR website will work with and without the www prefix?

“Don’t know. Why does it matter” I hear you say.

Well, here’s why it is important.

7 Things You Need To Know Before Building A Website

1. You Need Your Own Domain Name:

A domain name is an internet address that is controlled by you. It uniquely identifies your business on the internet. ( ie www.yourname.com)

A domain name about the cheapest investment you’ll ever make for your business. The two main benefits are:

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